We make our ice cream right in our shop—about five feet away from where it's served—in tiny, tiny batches. When possible, we make our own ingredients in house, but we also use a lot of cookies, candy, and potato chips. There are always 12 flavors at a time, one of which is a non-dairy sorbet, but this might be the year we make a vegan ice cream. There are 6 ALWAYS flavors (Chocolate, sweet cream, black raspberry chip, mint chip, cookies n' cream, salty whiskey), 5 rotating flavors, and a non-dairy sorbet. Please note: This is a list of almost ALL the flavors we've ever made, some of which we will never make again. This is not a list of what's available in the shop or for order on a regular basis.

We post a picture of our opening menu every day @graciesflavors. If you need a flavor, give a call, and we'll save you a pint if possible.